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Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System
Azansys INT-T is satellite Transport Monitoring System and system automated vehicle location.

Azansys INT-T is satellite Transport Monitoring System and system automated vehicle location. It collects information about vehicles, any moving objects and drivers which could a driving factor of making certain business decision in your organization and therefore information it collects becomes so important for business process and to correct few of them (processes) if necessary. It is a very simple and cost effective solution for the results it provides to an organization. It is easy to use and has very friendly user interface. Depending on your business we provide a cost effective solution, based on volume of moving objects and requirements, in some cases you do not need to setup your own control center you can just use our control center services but in some cases it is economical to have your own control center. If you don't have control room then you do not need to train your own employees. Only thing your organization would need is a computer with an internet connection.

Azansys INT-T gives you an advantage of finding your vehicle pretty much from anywhere office, home and from any place wherever there is an Internet available

Areas it can be used:

  • Passenger Transport & Commercial Vehicles.
  • Courier Services & Delivery Services.
  • Security Services & All type of Cargo Transportation.
  • Government Municipal Services & Bank Vehicles.
  • Emergency Services & Rescue Services.
  • Personal Vehicles & Construction Vehicles.
  • Distance from point to point or total distance from n point.
  • Mining Services & Railway vehicle monitoring.
  • Private Transportation & Transport wrecking and mobile breakdown services.

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