Payroll Management System

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Payroll Management System:

Payroll Management is very simple, user-friendly and easy to use Software Application that takes care of requirements relating to accounting and management of employee's Payroll. It keeps records of Employee by registering them into its own database with their master salary structure.

PMS stores complete records of the employees generate Pay-slips and Attendance Register, Computes all allowances and deductions and generates all Statutory and MIS reports.

It offers very high flexibility in defining various allowances, deductions, leave rules etc. for the employees and all formula for P.F, PF TRUST., F.P.F., E.S.I.C., Profession Tax, Income Tax etc. are definable and changeable at User's end.

Application is:

Payroll Management System offer master Admin Tools, Salary Process, Reporting and Leave Management.
Application is written in Java and it offer great flexibility to integrate with Biometric Attendance Devices and integration with legacy data of an organization.

Key Features of Payroll Management System:

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