Equipment Management System

The Equipment Management System (EQM) tracks all equipment, and facilitates equipment status changes and equipment inventory-taking online.

Equipment custodians use the EQM to manage department inventorial equipment online. If you are an equipment custodian, you can use EQM to:

  • Make changes to your inventorial equipment database.
  • Process Equipment Inventory Modification Requests (EIMRs).
  • Search for inventorial equipment by property number, serial number, building/ room number or an individual's name.
  • Find out who owns a piece of inventorial equipment.
  • Generate inventory reports as needed.

  • Benefits of using EQM on the Web:
  • Reduced paper processing.
  • On-demand inventory reports.
  • Data provided on spreadsheets.
  • Use EQM to track inventorial equipment only. If you are unsure whether your equipment qualifies as inventorial, see "What is Inventorial Equipment."