Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System

Azansys INT-T is satellite Transport Monitoring System and system automated vehicle location. It collects information about vehicles, any moving objects and drivers which could a driving factor of making certain business decision in your organization and therefore information it collects becomes so important for business process and to correct few of them (processes) if necessary. It is a very simple and cost effective solution for the results it provides to an organization. It is easy to use and has very friendly user interface. Depending on your business we provide a cost effective solution, based on volume of moving objects and requirements, in some cases you do not need to setup your own control center you can just use our control center services but in some cases it is economical to have your own control center. If you don't have control room then you do not need to train your own employees. Only thing your organization would need is a computer with an internet connection.

Azansys INT-T gives you an advantage of finding your vehicle pretty much from anywhere office, home and from any place wherever there is an Internet available

Areas it can be used:

  • Passenger Transport & Commercial Vehicles.
  • Courier Services & Delivery Services.
  • Security Services & All type of Cargo Transportation.
  • Government Municipal Services & Bank Vehicles.
  • Emergency Services & Rescue Services.
  • Personal Vehicles & Construction Vehicles.
  • Distance from point to point or total distance from n point.
  • Mining Services & Railway vehicle monitoring.
  • Private Transportation & Transport wrecking and mobile breakdown services.
  • Benefits and values

    Areas it can be used:
  • Fuel expenses optimization
  • Help creating better services
  • Help decreasing number of accident
  • Help managing Transport Services
  • Help providing timely Rescue/emergency Services
  • Automobile Maintenance expenses optimization
  • It will help improving and increasing transportation services volume
  • Safety of transport and safety provision for passengers, drivers
  • It will help securing goods and other valuable items
  • It will also help securing vehicle, means it will decrease vehicle theft.
  • It will also discipline drivers and other staff member and ultimately discipline the working culture
  • It will help improving productivity of an organization
  • Monitoring will let you know the use of vehicle so no unofficial use of vehicle.
  • Help defining control zone for vehicle
  • Speed safety provision
  • Features

    Features of Azansys INT-T:
  • Real-time geographical coordinates(location)of moving object.
  • Display moving object on digital map Real-time
  • Movement of running object Real-time
  • Start time and End time
  • Vehicle Parked time at particular stop/interval time
  • Current Speed while object is on the move.
  • Distance from point to point or total distance from n point.
  • Fuel consumption
  • Current Fuel level information
  • Changed fuel level after refueling.
  • Condition of different sensors
  • 1Panic Button & Shock sensor
  • Door open/close sensor & Temperature sensor
  • Ignition Sensor & Two-way voice communication
  • Emergency Button & Zone control
  • Driver Identification
  • Real-time vehicle trip information.
  • How it works?

    Online device: It is a small device which is installed inside the vehicle is capable of recording vehicles most important data and geographical coordinates to its embedded memory and/or send collected real-time data to control center/remote computer (via GSM Network). Device also sends real-time on request or at (automatically) predefined interval time.

    In the Control Center server collects all the data and then processes the data for several different purpose. User can access the data using Internet and his/her username/password from their computer only if user is authorized to access the collected data. Authorized user can monitor the vehicles position, status and other important data.They can generate necessary reports and collect data for business official documents.

    Offline device: Off line device does not require GMS services, here device collects all data to its embedded memory and when vehicle return back to its station, computer operator collects all the data from vehicle and process it.It also provides similar results as does online device only difference is that data are not being collected at the control room/operator real time only after completion of trip.

    The way device work really vary from configuration to configuration and as per the business requirements. The device can be easily installed in most vehicles irrelevant of vehicle type. All devices inputs are connected to and all data is collected from vehicle existing dashboard. Power to this device can be supplied directly from battery and in that case device operates continuously even when vehicle is not operating.