Research & Development

Our Research & Development team helps you to take advantage of this tax credit. We will also assist you with R & D activity for innovative solutions.

  • R&D Business planning and prioritisation give ideas the best opportunity for success through R&D business planning.
  • Analysing R&D and innovation management improve systems, prepare resources and meet stackholders objectives.
  • Brokering alliances and business linkages establish effectives project partnering.
  • Access project investments readlines get plans off to the best possible start.
  • R&D knowledge management and training promote a culture that understands and supports the role of innovation.

  • The future of any organization is prescribed by its ability to innovate. the Research & development services offered by AZANSYS technologies whilst assimilating market information in order to conceive and develop innovative solutions that could serve the industry. The Research & Development activity is conducted by people with a strong IT background that articulate emerging market needs in the form of innovative research projects. Our R&D activities form an interdisciplinary centre of competence on the effects, use and application in our targeted markets.

    Research projects conceived and implemented by AZANSYS are targeted at accessing emerging technologies, monitoring industry innovations, seeking new market opportunities, initiating market research and sizing markets. Therefore research projects are geared towards documenting needs of both traditional and emerging market sectors. Based on these insights, promising business cases for innovative solutions are created and validated.

    AZANSYS has substantial experience in research and development, built up during more than 1years of active involvement. The research and development is, to a large extent, conducted in joinnt projects with other companies , research centers.

    Research and development services perform original investigation to gain new knowledge(research) and/or apply research findings to create or improve products and processes(development). They are used in every discipline and every industry to improve production processes, observation and recording methods and to provide insight into new strategies for problem-solving. Often, research and development services are known by the acronym R&D.