Enterprise Services

IT companies are being called on to effectively leverage technology to achieve better business outcomes. Learn how Azansys & Fendikli can help your business. We offer variety of Services to support the needs of business. We apply best practices and time-tested methodologies. These services enable business to "Do Business Better" through optimum use of technology and process excellence.

Enterprise Services

With diligence, dedication and decisiveness that you can trust, AIT is your valued partner in Information Technology. So many are still following traditional practices and maintaining old dated systems, it becomes hard to maintain and cost of maintaining is sky rocketed. We come up with innovative ideas and revolutionary solution to improve practices business needs to adopt and reduce their spending on such solutions.

We develop and delivers best-in-class software applications to suit our customer's unique business requirements and strategies. Our experts leverage new technologies, enhanced frameworks and mature methodologies to create superior applications that feature standardized processes and enable business transformation. We adopt a partnership approach with our client's entire ecosystem's their partners, suppliers and customer's to deliver the best possible service together.

Our working closer with our customer enables us to understand them better and deliver high-value business, process and technology consulting much more than applications expertise, With the fast changing making conditions and business scenarios, enterprise are expecting unprecedented support and business continuity from their IT application portfolios.

Application Services(AS) practice at Azansys offers package and platform -led services to transform customer's business and IT operations. An application service is a business that provides computer-based services to customers over a network.

We Offer following Services:

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Software Development

Azansys solution have enabled our customers to develop quick, agile and innovative processes

With our passionate commitment to making businesses stronger, AIT is the go-to company when you need to define, design, deliver, secure and manage your mission critical IT infrastructure. Infrastructure plays a critical role in business transformation. It enables everything else: applications, processes, operating models, enterprises and extended enterprises. Azansys is one of the industry leaders in providing IT Services and Solutions to its client. Following are our core services we offer: Java Application Development, SAP Services, SAP ABAP Development, Implementation and Integration, Performance and Tuning, Consulting, E-Commerce Mobile Apps Solution, Could Services.

Project Management & Consultancy

Services Azansys solutions have enabled our customers to develop quick, agile and innovative processes that helped them lower costs, reduce risk, acheive objectives, expand operations and evolve with ever-changing business requirements, industry trends and market demand. To help you effectively and economically exploit the functionality embedded within your Azansys solutions, you can take advantage of the expert guidance offered through our consulting services. When you work with Azansys consultants, you gain access to the knowledge that our experienced consultants continually develop through our customer-focused ecosystem of globally connected Azansys experts. Through this network, our consltants leverage a broad range of advanced knowledge in developing and implementing both IT infrastructures and Azansys solutions. Azansys Consulting Services is a results-driven marketing, communications and event planning company.

Our primary focus is to work closely with clients and help them succeed in thier marketing goals. We offer total support and a commitment to help you communicate your ideas in astrategic, creative and cost-effective manner. Azansys Consulting Services provides a complete range of services that allows us to evaluate a variety of marketing communications tools, choosing those that are best suited to your requirements.

We then combine those tools in such a way so as to create meaningful, effective communications for optimal results.

Research & Development

ur Research & Development team helps you to take advantage of this tax credit. We will also assist you with R & D activity for innovative solutions.

  • R&D Business planning and prioritisation give ideas the best opportunity for success through R&D business planning.
  • Analysing R&D and innovation management improve systems, prepare resources and meet stackholders objectives.
  • Brokering alliances and business linkages establish effectives project partnering.
  • Access project investments readlines get plans off to the best possible start.
  • R&D knowledge management and training promote a culture that understands and supports the role of innovation.
  • SAP Services

  • You require ABAP Development
  • You are facing a SAP implementation.
  • New short-term projects/Developments.
  • Support on existing development.
  • Your internal SAP developer group is temporarily understaffed.
  • You are loosing track of things and need a clean up.
  • A system upgrade is pushing on.
  • You are having a hard time persuading your employees to work for a longer time at your company branches abroad.
  • Blockchain

    A Blockchain technology, changing life and business rapidly around the world. There was a need to change a centralized govern environment and creating a true democratic system where information doesn't control by any entity / government or individual. Bringing transparency and accuracy in true digital world. Information is publicly available to all, reducing dependability and bringing efficiency and accuracy.


    The world is discovering the fact that India is a super power when it comes to developing IT solutions. We are glad to be part of it. Azansys Solutions is an experienced team of professtionals with passion for delivering of high quality, cost effective, delivered-on-time Software Development, Web applications, offshore outsourcing, offshore software development and maintenance services.

    Azansys provides Complete IT Solutions to empower your business and capitalize on available opportunities.

    Offshore Software Development Resource Center provides all the tools for your next custom application development project.

    Our complete solutions consist of all or some of the following:

  • Business Solutions
  • Infrastructure
  • Web Solutions
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Training
  • Security
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Document Processing
  • We specialized in J2EE, SAP, .NET, C++, ORALCE and MySql, Mobile APP Development, Cloud Technology, SAS

    Mobile Application Development

    Azansys Info Tech(previously known as INTELMIND) work in Mobile Apps. Mobile applications or mobile apps are applications developed for small handheld devices, such as mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs and so on. Mobile apps can come preloaded on the handheld device as well as can be downloaded by users from app stores or the Internet.

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