Tax & Revenue Management System

Tax & Revenue Management System is completely Dynamic web enabled application. It is easy to use, flexible and user friendly Application.

Tax is the collection of Commercial and Residential Property, Taxation Income and Other income.
Revenue is the collection of advertisement, cinema, hall, tehbazari, wine shop, parking fees, exhibition fees, khokha shop, shop registration etc.

Benefits of Tax & Revenue Management System

  • Increase in revenue
  • Software based system for House Tax, Property Tax, Local Body taxes which will run online
  • Instant processing of applications and tasks within municipal administration
  • Time Saving System
  • Easy to access System
  • Reduced workload
  • Large volumes of data can be stored
  • Maintenance of file is flexible
  • Records stored are updated now and then.
  • Reports can be generated in seconds
  • Accurate calculations
  • Less manpower
  • No chance of error
  • Easy to print tax bills
  • Easy to access tax bills report
  • Easy to access tax bill Head details
  • centralized database in place
  • Faster search and retrieval of Data
  • Workflow Management Systems
  • Reduce time and complexity
  • Record Centralization
  • Performance Analysis
  • Reduced or No paper work
  • Tax & Revenue Collection Management
  • Yearly collection progress / Target
  • Monthly collection progress / Target

  • Features of Tax & Revenue Management System
  • Multi-Tier Architecture.
  • Full Life-cycle support.
  • Role based user access and menu options.
  • Security enabled at program Level.
  • User-friendly interface with maximum uniformity throughout the application.
  • No installations required in client machines for using the application and results in low configuration machine compatibility.
  • Software should be web enable, shall work online and offline
  • Modules
  • Self Assessment Module: This module will take care of all the entries for the tax, register property, generate taxation, create unique identity
  • Bill printing: At the time of the bill,user will easily print the bills using various options such as areawise, streetwise or locality wise with just few press of keys.
  • Tax collection form: Here user will enter the amount of bills collected by the citizens for various taxes.
  • Tax calculation: Calculates tax based on several different parameters
  • Approval Module: Management approval process after self assessment from taxpayers
  • Objection and Hearing Module: Taxpayers objections are subject to tax calculation and hearing is based on objection and decisions are based on appeal from tax payers.
  • Penalty module: Calculates penalties based on different criteria
  • Defaulter Module: Create and maintains defaulter lists based on several different criteria and create summary report
  • Notifications and Alert module: Notify tax payers about their property registration, taxes, payments and other information
  • SMS and Email service integration: Sends out calculated tax to tax payer/payers via email/SMS to registered mobile phone numbers and emailed.
  • Master Data Module: In this module, office/administration users can set parameters for software
  • Online payment: This module will citizens to pay their taxes, dues online using their bank card/credit card.
  • Offline payment: Generation of Bank Deposit receipts and generating receipt after bank payment receipt submitted to municipal corporation
  • Random checking and inspection: This shall provide random selection list of (2%) self assessed propesrties by the tax payers.
  • User Access Control & Security Management: It helps keeping secure access to application. Role base security will be provided to user. Client-server architecture will be followed.
  • Reporting module: this is an important and challening module of the project. Software Application shall provide various type of reporting to help ULB to get the details in a single click.The reports such as total collection, dues list, penalties, notification, total collection by area and so on.